The floodwaters are rising

I haven’t set foot on dry land in almost two weeks. My dreams of trading in running through English meadows for gentle jogs along jungle trails have proven thoroughly unattainable.  It is highly unlikely my trainers will even be removed from the bottom of my rucksack until I return home.

But there’s bigger things to worry about: like just how fast the waters are rising.

I’ll concede, it is the wet season in Peru right now. However, the water level is already 2m higher than usual at this time of year!  My temporary home might be built on stilts but the, for want of a better phrase, ‘high tide mark’ around my room is at least half a metre too high for comfort. Apparently the occupant of the room when it did flood loved getting out of bed and having fish nibble on his feet.  I could not disagree with the thought more.


Perhaps it’s just bad planning (or in this case the stifling programme of my MSc) but fieldwork and flooding seem to go hand in hand.  Fourteen months ago it was El Niño storms wreaking havoc across Paraguay, now it’s glacial melt in the Andes making its way through the Amazon basin.  Climate change is out to get me and there are some striking similarities:



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